English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Worship And The Magi

This is the first of two messages on the topic of worship.  This message is inspired by how the awaited Epiphany began with the Pagan wisemen paying reverence to Jesus as the king born of heaven.  In this account we see sound principles of worship being illustrated.   The next message will come on 20 January

Gospel Righteousness And Justice

Grasping the Gospel today goes to the 5th Gospel word component: ‘Righteousness’ and its parallel term – ‘Justice’. This message involves a technical word study before getting to what it means and celebrating its Gospel value. Once you have read the Sermon PDF and met the technical terms you can go deeper with the following: STUDY…

Joe’s Testimony And Message

The Bible is full of life stories, stories that tell about meeting and being impacted by God.   Joe Beswick brings his life story and connects it with the story of an unnamed woman who met Jesus and was never the same again.  There is no written text for this sit back and enjoy a Liverpudlian…