English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons from August 2021

Being real with Jesus

What did Jesus do when faced with bullies? Why is being REAL such a big deal to God? And how does Jesus deal with dirty people? In this talk based on Mark 7, Mark Robinson shows us how to stand up to bullies, be authentic with Jesus and how every one of us can appear…


Our God is gracious, compassionate, and merciful and ready to meet us in our fears and discouragements. Preaching about the life of the prophet Elijah, with a focus on one of the prophet’s most difficult moments, Peter Faulkner showed us how faithful God is and how He cares for those who are downcast and worn…

A balanced diet

With some beautiful stories and examples, Dan Eze exhorted us to maintain a “balanced diet” of the spiritual and the physical. Jesus can bring physical sustenance and economic wellbeing, but more importantly He gives spiritual sustenance and wellbeing of the soul.