English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons on Matthew

Jesus And The Rock

Fresh from a tour of biblical sites in Israel, Francis looks at a key verse in the Gospels where the question of Jesus’ identity is addressed. This conversation took place in a setting with a lot of context to the point that the context is part of the message.

Worship And The Magi

This is the first of two messages on the topic of worship.  This message is inspired by how the awaited Epiphany began with the Pagan wisemen paying reverence to Jesus as the king born of heaven.  In this account we see sound principles of worship being illustrated.   The next message will come on 20 January

Living The Gospel Of Mercy And Grace

Continuing the series considering Building Blocks of the Gospel we take a practical  sobriety test.  Assuming one believes, what is essential to actually live out this Gospel?  A parable from Jesus provides the key into this.   Bottom line: Without engagement between confessed sin and God’s mercy at the cross, nothing happens in the heart and nothing…