English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons from May 2021

Oozing Christians

Using the imagery of a sponge, Hsiang-Ling spent her sermon explaining to us how the Holy Spirit wants to commission us to be God’s salt and light in the earth. God’s willingness to give us this commission is evident from the Bible, but we must willingly receive it. “If we want to be ‘oozing Christians’,…

Up, up, but not away

Following Ascension Day, Sam reflected on what it means that Jesus has ascended to the Father. This event signaled the coming age of the Spirit, confirmed at Pentecost. Jesus can now be with all his disciples worldwide through the guiding and teaching presence of the Holy Spirit.


“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.” [John 15:9a] Jesus loves us as much as the Father loves Him. The power and depth of this statement are profound. In a wonderful sermon, Divya explained how this knowledge should motivate us to both abide in His love and remain obedient to His…


This Sunday, Dennis Woodward of Mission to Seafarers was our guest preacher. He delivered a beautiful, engaging sermon on Jesus calming the storm in Mark chapter 4, weaving in his ministry experiences with those working at sea.