English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons from April 2021

The Gate for the Sheep

In John 10, Jesus claims to be “the gate for the sheep” and “the good shepherd”. Through Him, we are included in God’s flock and have a personal relationship with our Creator. He laid down His life for us, His sheep, and we are to follow His example by laying down our lives in the…

The Easter Encounters

On this third Sunday of Easter, Sam van Leer took us on a further journey along the Easter encounters of Jesus’ disciples with their risen Lord. These “peak experiences” transformed a small, scared group of followers into powerful messengers of the Word.

Easter 2021

In our Easter celebration, Jaap Haasnoot explored the difference that Easter makes to our world. Focusing on Mary Magdalene weeping at the tomb, we celebrate with her as she realizes that Jezus has been resurrected. We have hope because there has been Easter. We live in a world that has seen Easter, and that changes…

Easter Vigil 2021

On this evening of hope, Jan Waterschoot shared with us important words amid the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic: Better than to curse the darkness is to light a single candle. What great hope we have as Christians, even in the midst of terrors and fear! Christ is our light that shines in the darkness…