English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons on Luke

Up, up, but not away

Following Ascension Day, Sam reflected on what it means that Jesus has ascended to the Father. This event signaled the coming age of the Spirit, confirmed at Pentecost. Jesus can now be with all his disciples worldwide through the guiding and teaching presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Easter Encounters

On this third Sunday of Easter, Sam van Leer took us on a further journey along the Easter encounters of Jesus’ disciples with their risen Lord. These “peak experiences” transformed a small, scared group of followers into powerful messengers of the Word.

The Faithful Remnant

Examining the birth of Jesus, Peter pointed out that God chose to reveal His plans to some very unlikely people. Though of low social standing, these people (Mary, Joseph, the shepherds) were part of God’s faithful remnant. Contrast this with the leading figures of the time such as King Herod and the Pharisees. God wants…

Christmas 2020

In this Christmas sermon, we learned how our lives are like houses with shutters, which we must open in order to let the light in. God does not force himself upon us, but rather desires us to love Him and take our places in His family.