English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons on Luke

Grace Leads Us To Righteousness And Salvation

After offering many teachings and engaging incidents along the road south Jesus arrives in Jericho on his way to Jerusalem. In Jericho he surprises local tax administrator Zacchaeus with an unmerited offer of relationship and acceptance that melts the heart and transforms the mind of this legal crook. That’s the power of grace to lead…

Justice-Seeking Faith

Jesus constructed a story to bring teaching to his disciples and those missing the main thing in his message of the Kingdom. After some opening comments about discipleship and setting the context, Francis takes us to meet the Judge and the Widow. The Widow is Jesus’ example of a disciple sharing God’s priority on righteousness…

Jesus Speaks About Hell

Hsiang Ling opens up Jesus’ parable from Luke 17 of ‘The Richman and Lazarus’ in technicolour detail. She breaks through any assumed familiarity we may have about this to show how the human heart is rightly judged and draws us to reconsider the glories of God’s grace in Christ that lead to heaven.

The Empty Tomb

On Resurrection Sunday we read Luke’s account of the empty tomb and pondered on just that story. This involved some interaction with the congregation considering reasons to believe or doubt the account provided of Jesus not being in his tomb. Text and Audio are similar but are not the same.