English-speaking church in Eindhoven

The content of the Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ is a received faith handed down from the first Apostles through successive generations of the Christian Church. In that tradition we hold the Bible as being our authority in matters of faith. We also hold several historic creeds (Nicean, Athanasian & Apostle’s Creeds) as being important statements of the historic Christian faith. Unlike some church traditions we do not have a distinct confession of faith setting out our beliefs in a list.

To anyone wanting to hear our beliefs up close we would suggest you listen to us pray. This can take place on Sunday mornings but also through reading the body of prayers owned by Church of England. This reflects the belief that what we pray and offer in worship is a good indication of what we actually believe. To read more about our prayers consult the current edition of the Prayer Book entitled: Common Worship, Services and Prayers of the Church of England.

Finally a visit to our sermon archive will give you an idea of what the pastor believes and preaches.