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We are an English-speaking international church seeking to make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ

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Unlimited forgiveness: a cornerstone of our faith

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Christian faith is the profound concept of forgiveness. Jesus, our Lord, extends the gift of forgiveness to all, and while it comes freely to us, it comes at a great cost to Him. The question then arises: Do we truly embrace and practice forgiveness in our lives?…

Love is a command

In the pages of the Bible, a powerful and unwavering command echoes through the ages: “Love.” It’s not just a suggestion or a gentle nudge; it’s a commandment that forms the very foundation of our existence. We are called to love God and love one another, and this isn’t merely a mission statement; it’s a…

A woman of great faith!

In Mathew 15: 21-28, Mathew records the inspiring story of a woman whose faith transcended boundaries and obstacles, earning her the title of a “woman of great faith.” It’s intriguing to note that Jesus had previously labeled Peter as a person of “little faith,” yet this woman received the highest praise for her unwavering belief.…

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