English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons on Mark

Humility and repentance

Preaching from the story of John the Baptist and the crowds that went out to him in the wilderness, Peter showed us how people from all walks of life recognized their separation from God and wanted to be reconciled to their Creator. John did not preach for personal gain. When pointing to Jesus, he told…

John the Baptist

Our interim pastor, Peter, brought us his first sermon on the topic of John the Baptist as portrayed in Mark’s gospel. He reminded us that the way to prepare for God’s coming is through repentance. John the Baptist showed the way for sinners who did not want to live separated from God.

Look Out, But Look Forward

Our Archdeacon, Sam van Leer, gave a wonderful sermon to start our Advent season discussing how Advent is both a time of “looking out” (being of sober mind, awake and alert in word and deed) and “looking forward” (joyfully awaiting the coming of Jesus and the restoration of all things).