English speaking church in Eindhoven


Trinity Church Camp at LifeStream Europe Summer Festival 2018

Ready To Run (1Corinthians 9:24-27, Hebrews 6:18, Hebrews 12:1, Acts 20:24) Encounter God in heartfelt worship – Learn through his Word and from his Spirit – Be healed and transformed in body, mind and spirit – Get equipped to serve him in new ways – Gain fresh vision from what he is doing elsewhere in…

European English Aglow

You are welcome to join the European English Aglow meeting. It will be a time of praise and worship, teaching and prayer. We look forward to seeing you all once again.

Combined English Speaking International Churches

A Meeting of Churches Long standing members may remember a special event in late 2007 that brought together the three English speaking international churches present then. Plans are being made for such a service between the current English Speaking Churches on the afternoon of Sunday 16 September this year. If your heart jumps at this…