English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons by Sam van Leer

Up, up, but not away

Following Ascension Day, Sam reflected on what it means that Jesus has ascended to the Father. This event signaled the coming age of the Spirit, confirmed at Pentecost. Jesus can now be with all his disciples worldwide through the guiding and teaching presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Easter Encounters

On this third Sunday of Easter, Sam van Leer took us on a further journey along the Easter encounters of Jesus’ disciples with their risen Lord. These “peak experiences” transformed a small, scared group of followers into powerful messengers of the Word.

Look Out, But Look Forward

Our Archdeacon, Sam van Leer, gave a wonderful sermon to start our Advent season discussing how Advent is both a time of “looking out” (being of sober mind, awake and alert in word and deed) and “looking forward” (joyfully awaiting the coming of Jesus and the restoration of all things).