English-speaking church in Eindhoven

A fun place for our tiniest members (0 – end of 3 years) to play and hear about God.

‘Stepping Stones’ is Trinity Church’s name for its 0 – 3 year old children’s group, traditionally called crèche.

During our Sunday morning worship, Stepping Stones gives the parents of children in the 0 to 4 years age group a chance to participate in the service without having to be concerned with taking care of their children. It provides a safe environment for children to play together and hear about God.

We follow a simple program with the children. We believe that children as young as a few months old can listen to and understand simple truths about God through stories, play and music.

A typical Sunday morning starts with parents dropping off their children. After the children get settled we do a little singing. When the story blanket is laid out, all the children gather around the storyteller and listen to stories from the Bible. Parents will be informed on what was done on that morning. We also provide (with parents’ permission) a small snack for the children.

On a Communion Sunday service children will be escorted back to their parents just before Communion, or their parents can pick them up at this point in the service. On other Sundays parents pick up their children after the service ends. Every second Sunday of the month Trinity Church has an ‘All Age’ service. This service is geared to all ages, but if your child needs some space and time away from the service the Stepping Stones room is open for use. A team will be available but no formal program will take place.

Since our Stepping Stones room is adjacent to the area where the main service is held parents are free to check on their children. We have a dedicated team, most of whom speak Dutch as well as English, who love to look after children and share God’s Word.