English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Building a website involves bringing together many parts — technologies and people. The Trinity Church Eindhoven website is no different. There are a number of systems, software and services we use on the website that are fundamental to its running, and without which the website could not exist. Below are the key solutions which we ‘plug into’ to power the Trinity website.

  • Open Source Software — The Open Source Software (OSS) initiative has harnessed the creativity of thousands of developers for the benefit of millions of people. The modern computer and the Internet would not be where it is today without OSS software.
  • WordPress — WordPress is the most widely used website content management system (CMS) in use today, around 30% of all websites run on WordPress. And it is fully open source and free to use.
  • ChurchThemes — The Trinity Church Eindhoven website is built using a custom theme and a number of plugins, all specifically designed for church website requirements, from ChurchThemes.com.
  • WP Cerber — One of the downsides to running the most popular website CMS, WordPress, is that it is also the most frequently attacked website CMS. WP Cerber protects the Trinity website on a number of levels, and from many different types of attacks.
  • Mailster — Mailster is the newsletter platform which Trinity now uses to easily and efficiently keep everyone updated by email with all the news and events happening in Trinity Church Eindhoven.
  • Unsplash — No one wants to look at just words, making a website engaging means making it visually interesting as well. Almost all of the stock images on the website have been sourced, royalty free, from the Unsplash image library website. It is a great resource.