English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Sermons from 2018 (Page 3)

God’s Rhythm Of Rest

Those in Christ have received God’s spiritual treasure in clay jars. To nurture this God prescribes a rhythm of rest and remembering. This instruction began with being told to observe the sabbath day and keep it holy, taking time to remember our journey out of slavery. Unless over stimulated modern people do this we may fall back into the slavery of this age.

Jesus and Religion

How do we manage holiness and forgiveness? In Jesus’ day that was the business of the Jerusalem Temple. On Palm Sunday we looked at how Jesus began his Jerusalem ministry by disrupting life and business at the Temple in its business of being a holy place and providing forgiveness. In this message we see the Temple as representative of religion and Jesus’…

Covenant Upgrade

After 800 years or so of trying it seemed the covenant relationship between the Lord God and his people Israel was over. At this deep point God commits to upgrading his covenant commitment to his people and advertises that Covenant 2.0 will come. Are you living in Covenant 2.0? This is what Jesus established and…