English-speaking church in Eindhoven

XEE Pin Party and One Day Event

The XEE team celebrated their new graduates, Pamela Armstrong and Mary Paul, this Sunday, after a 13-week long course. This celebration, (aka ‘pin party’), involved the graduates receiving the XEE pin. XEE’s mission is to equip believers to share about Jesus within their networks, including family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and acquaintances. Their vision is for every believer to know how to share the Gospel in an understandable and respectful way and to teach others to do the same. The graduates’ testimonies were powerful and clear.

XEE also organised their second one-day event on June 30th. Along with the graduates, a group of 7 participants, 6 of whom were teenagers, joined the event. They were deeply impacted by the teachings and were especially challenged and tested during their city walk and conversations with other people. We pray that as a church, we can continue to develop our skills in sharing about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. If you are interested in joining the next XEE course or one-day event, please contact Jape, Mark, or Bala.