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Posts from May 2018

A Call to Prayer

The harvest of youth and children entrusted to Trinity Church is large. As counted at the beginning of 2018 we had 90 members aged 18 or younger. This is about 42% of the total congregation. Within these numbers a shift is taking place from children aged up to 10 years in KidZchurch to youth from age 11 in 1Tim4Twelve and TYDE. This brings Trinity to a call to prayer.

Are you in a Cell Group?

Being together with God on Sunday is great. Alongside Sunday, Cell Groups are important for growth and support of all members in our church. At present there are 12 groups. Please contact Barbara Noordanus (Cell Pastor) if you are interested in joining a cell group and she will put you in touch with someone who…

Our Venue – What Do We Need?

Where we meet as a church depends on what we believe God has called us to do together. Different churches may have different requirements according to their priorities. So it is appropriate to ask ourselves – What meeting place does Trinity church need to fulfil its call? This question is actually not too difficult to…