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Posts from December 2023

An attitude of gratitude!

The one thing that I want to develop in this New Year is an attitude of gratitude. We all use the word ‘thank you’ every day. In an internet survey, I noticed that 50% of the people say thank you ten times a day but only 10% of people say it fifty times in a…

The Most Precious Gift of All!

The arrival of Christmas is a joyous occasion welcomed by all, especially children who eagerly anticipate the festive celebrations. Amidst the various attractions that mark the season, the tradition of exchanging gifts holds a significant place, a practice believed to have originated with Nicholas.

Yet, amidst the excitement of wrapped presents, there is a gift that surpasses them all—the gift of Jesus.

Magnificat: A Revolutionary Hymn

Within Luke’s narrative of Jesus’ infancy, Mary’s song, commonly known as the Magnificat, stands as one of three significant hymns. The other two are Zachariah’s Benedictus (Lk 1:67-79) and Simeon’s Nunc Dimittis (Lk 2:28-32). Mary’s lyrical composition is revolutionary, addressing moral, social, economic, political, and spiritual transformation.

Forerunner John the Baptist

A forerunner is someone who precedes the arrival of a king or introduces a speaker to a gathering, always remaining in the background and never seeking attention. This characteristic is exemplified in the life of John the Baptist, who humbly proclaimed, ‘Let him (Jesus) increase, and I may decrease’ (John 3.30).