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KidZchurch Funday 2024

On Sunday, we celebrated the much-anticipated KidZchurch Funday with 23 enthusiastic children joining in the afternoon festivities. This annual event, held just before the start of summer holidays, was filled with joy, laughter, and fun activities.

Camp Iwilligoway closing adventures

This year’s theme, “Camp Iwilligoway,” brought an adventurous spirit to the day as children embarked on a quest inspired by Bible verses and the story of David.

The children and leaders shared a meal together, enjoying hotdogs and each other’s company. This time of fellowship deepened their relationships and provided plenty of opportunities for being goofy and having fun. The day was packed with enjoyable games based on the verses from the Bible that not only entertained but also provided opportunities for the children to bond with each other and remember the key Bible verses from the program.

The event was meticulously organized by 9 dedicated KidZchurch leaders, with the assistance of 10 enthusiastic teenage helpers. Their combined efforts and God’s blessing made the event a resounding success.

It was truly wonderful to witness the joy and energy everyone brought to the Funday. This event was a perfect blend of fun, faith, and fellowship, leaving both children and leaders looking forward to next year’s adventure.

We thank God for His blessings and for bringing us together to create such memorable experiences for our young ones.