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Posts from February 2021


Our Locum Pastors: Peter and Janny

After the departure of our long term pastors, The Noordanuses , we welcomed our first Locum Pastors, Peter and Janny Faulkner. They arrived from the UK in early December (2020) and settled into the Vicarage. They swiftly plunged into Trinity life and quickly caught up to speed with all the Christmas services, Hybrid services, and…

Planting for a Lent Garden

A post from Reverend Faulkner For the garden of daily living… Plant three rows of Peas         Peace of mind         Peace of heart         Peace of soul Plant four rows of Squash         Squash gossip         Squash indifference         Squash grumbling         Squash selfishness Plant four rows of Lettuce         Lettuce be faithful         Lettuce be kind         Lettuce be patient         Lettuce really love…