English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Chief Cornerstone

Jesus is our cornerstone, the pivotal foundation upon which we build our lives. In the realm of construction, the cornerstone holds a unique significance as it marks the initial stone to be placed and carries the utmost importance in the entire building. It plays two roles of paramount significance.

Firstly, the entire structure of a building finds its stability in the cornerstone; any attempt to remove it would inevitably result in the collapse of the entire edifice. This underscores the fundamental role that Jesus plays in providing stability and support for our lives.

Secondly, the alignment and orientation of the other stones and components of the building are contingent upon the placement of the cornerstone. In a similar vein, our lives find their direction and purpose based on our relationship with Jesus. When we stray from this alignment, it becomes necessary to adjust and reorient ourselves in accordance with the cornerstone.

For those who may not grasp the importance of Jesus as the cornerstone, they may view Him as concealed or undervalued. However, it’s worth remembering Jesus’ own words, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” (Matthew 21:42). Building one’s life on Jesus, the unshakable rock, ensures a lasting and steadfast foundation, while all other foundations inevitably falter.

To establish a life firmly anchored in Jesus, we turn to Him through prayer, seeking His guidance and support. We also turn to the scripture to shape our lives in accordance with His teachings. By embracing Jesus as our cornerstone, we can be confident in constructing a well-rounded life. May the Lord assist us in building our life upon this cornerstone. God bless!