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The Three Parts of Obedience

Does obedience come naturally to us? I don’t believe so. Inherently, we tend to lean toward rebellion, requiring persuasion, warnings, encouragement, and motivation. The Bible, while instructing us to follow God’s commandments, also provides the necessary encouragement and support. Yet, despite this support, we often falter and fail to heed His commandments, much like the Israelites, whom God described as people with wayward hearts, stiff-necked, and rebellious.

This is why God sent Jesus as a shining example of obedience. “Jesus humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death – even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:8). When we examine Jesus’ model of obedience, we can discern three essential components:

Immediate Obedience: Jesus acted promptly and without hesitation. He didn’t delay; instead, He wholeheartedly embraced His mission and took on human form.

Voluntary and Joyful Obedience: There was no external coercion or force compelling Jesus. Despite our undeserving nature and lack of understanding of His sacrifice, He willingly and cheerfully endured the cross for our sake.

Completion of the Task: On the cross, Jesus declared triumphantly, “It is finished.” He successfully accomplished the work He had undertaken, providing salvation for humanity.

As we aspire to obedience, let us adopt these three dimensions as our model: act immediately, obey with a joyful and willing heart, and diligently see our tasks through to completion. May the Lord guide us to become His obedient children. God bless!