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Bountiful Grace: A Gift Beyond Measure

Grace, a divine favor, showers upon us without merit or toil; it is a gift bestowed, not earned. God, in His boundless mercy, bestows upon us His grace, a concept often encapsulated in the acronym ‘God’s riches at Christ’s expense.’ Within His grace lies the sufficiency to guide, correct, and mentor us.

Yet, grace can be misconstrued. Some suggest that it permits unrestrained behavior, invoking a period of ‘grace’ to excuse reckless actions. This notion is profoundly flawed. Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was not to endorse sinful living but to liberate us from its chains. We are granted freedom from sin, not a license to indulge in it. Persisting in sin not only mocks Christ but also belittles His profound sacrifice on the Cross.

Grace isn’t limited to salvation alone; it permeates our daily journey. It signifies that Jesus accompanies us on our path of faith. As Jesus Himself proclaimed, ‘Apart from me, you can do nothing’ (John 15:5). This journey, however, is far from burdensome; it is, in fact, the most joyous experience one can encounter in this world.

Charles Spurgeon eloquently stated, ‘The bridge of grace will bear your weight, brother. Thousands of notorious sinners have crossed that bridge, and tens of thousands have traversed it. Some were the most egregious of sinners, and others found their way in their final days, yet the bridge has never faltered under their weight. I will follow them, trusting in the same support. It will bear me as it has borne them.’ We are in constant need of grace, which pours upon us boundlessly, as John attested in his Gospel: “From His (Jesus) fulness, we have all received grace upon grace” (John 1:16). May God illuminate our path to fully embrace the bestowed grace. God bless us all!