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Unlimited forgiveness: a cornerstone of our faith

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Christian faith is the profound concept of forgiveness. Jesus, our Lord, extends the gift of forgiveness to all, and while it comes freely to us, it comes at a great cost to Him. The question then arises: Do we truly embrace and practice forgiveness in our lives?

Forgiveness isn’t merely a mental exercise, but rather an affair of the heart. When we harbor revenge, resentment, or hold onto memories of wrongs, we have not forgiven. In a conversation with Peter, Jesus elucidated the depth of forgiveness by responding, ‘Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’ In essence, Jesus emphasized that forgiveness is boundless and should emanate from the depths of our hearts.

Let us recognize that forgiveness originates from God, and we are vessels of His forgiveness when we extend it to others. It entails relinquishing thoughts of revenge, releasing resentments towards those who wronged us, and surrendering the lingering memories of their transgressions.

As we recite in our daily prayer, ‘Forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us,’ let us remember the boundless and generous forgiveness bestowed upon us by our Lord. In doing so, may we also become instruments of His unlimited forgiveness in our relations with others. God bless!