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Doubting Thomas?

Does faith comes naturally to you? Do you believe in the risen Lord? Do you doubt? Thomas doubted and he got the nick name ‘doubting Thomas.’ Did Thomas only have this problem? No, all disciples had a problem in believing Jesus’ resurrection. According to Luke, ‘they were startled and terrified, and thought they were seeing a ghost.’ Jesus showed his hands and feet, yet they were unbelieving. Then Jesus asked them to bring something to eat. They gave him broiled fish and Jesus ate it in their presence. Then, what is the problem with Thomas?

The ten fellow disciples and the women who had seen the risen Jesus told Thomas about Jesus’ resurrection. In spite of these eye witnesses, Thomas insisted that he should first feel the wound marks of Jesus before believing. The problem with Thomas is that he wanted physical examination, which Jesus had already shown to his disciples. Now he has to simply believe. As Thomas demanded, should everyone ask for physical examination of Jesus’ resurrected body? No, no need at all. We have got the written accounts of these eye witnesses. The purpose of the written account (the Bible) is to believe in Jesus. As Paul says in 2 Cor. 5.7 ‘For we walk by faith not by sight.’ Our faith is not based on the unreasonable, illogical, contradictory and without proof. But, our faith is based on eye witnesses accounts and with clear evidence. Believing in the risen Lord is the need of the hour. With the risen Lord’s presence in our lives we can face all challenges of our time. May the dear Lord help us to experience his presence all through our time on this earth! God bless!