English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Indian Christians Event 2019

It’s soon Christmas time, a season of vast opportunities to connect with friends families; sharing the joy of the birth of our Saviour and our salvation.

Jesus calls on his followers to make disciples, in every possible walk of life. This brings in the burden to share the gospel to everyone who needs to hear it. One such step is the “Indian Christians reaching out to their friends through a Christmas event”, which has kicked-off for the year 2019. Families have started coming together in prayers and planning, and all Indian friends and families are welcome to be part of it by praying, actively involving, inviting their friends and contributing.

Important request and dates to participate: Join together for a time of prayer and preparation on the: 25th Oct 7-9 pm at Trinity Church Eindhoven. & on the 23rd Nov 6-8 pm at International Baptist Church Eindhoven.

This would be the 7th year of such a Christmas event in Eindhoven; organized with the primary objective of bringing the good news of salvation to Indian friends and families in and around Eindhoven and time of celebration with the dear and near. Indian Christian families from our Trinity Church Eindhoven, International Baptist Church Eindhoven and Corner Stone Baptist Church are involved. May we pray that our God will grant us wisdom and strength in carrying this through?

Feel free to connect with Arul or talk to other Indians about this event.