English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Story Bags

In 2017-2018 Lynne S. and Manju Daniel started assembling story bags in connection to the All age services. These services mostly have a secular story book reading in connection with the overall theme of the service. We have about 10 such bags for your use.

Story bags contain story books read at that particular service, the connected Bible story and a wide range of objects and activities which include puzzles, games, toys, and a range of craft items, related to both the stories . Many of these bags include puppets or soft toys of the character from the story , which children may use . In addition to the books and activities, the bags contain an evaluation notebook for parents to complete. This gives them an insight into how well received the activities were and feedback has been very positive so far. Comments from the children are also recorded here.

These bags help the children and their families to go through the various elements of the service in their own pace. To connect the story and the message to their own lives. This is also a wonderful time for parents and children to engage together and have many exciting and fun conversations. All the activities are organised well for easy use. You can choose to do all or a few of the activities .
Each family is allowed to take a bag home for a few weeks.

Lynne S. and Manju Daniel