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Forerunner John the Baptist

A forerunner is someone who precedes the arrival of a king or introduces a speaker to a gathering, always remaining in the background and never seeking attention. This characteristic is exemplified in the life of John the Baptist, who humbly proclaimed, ‘Let him (Jesus) increase, and I may decrease’ (John 3.30).

Consider the attire of John the Baptist and his chosen lifestyle. Residing in the desert as a Nazarene, he consumed locusts and wild honey, reflecting a life of seclusion and simplicity. Clad in a garment made from camel hair, John lived without a permanent home or possessions, dedicating himself solely to the purpose of introducing Jesus to the people. Even in prison, he sought confirmation that Jesus was indeed the anticipated one.

In his commitment to revealing Jesus to others, John embraced a distinctive lifestyle. This prompts reflection on our own lifestyles. With Christmas centered on Jesus, how can we ensure that He is prominently featured in our celebrations? What actions can we take to make Jesus known to others this Christmas season? Would you be willing to alter your lifestyle to better reflect and reveal Jesus?

May it be our prayer that all our plans for this season serve to exalt Jesus. God bless!