English-speaking church in Eindhoven

News from Francis and Barbara

Francis and Barbara, our former pastors who have moved back to New Zealand, have a message to share with us at Trinity.

Dear Trinity Friends,

We have some news to share.

Since leaving at the end of November we have been transitioning from the life and ministry we had with you in Eindhoven to our next season in New Zealand. What became apparent very quickly was that God was not wanting us to sit around and do nothing under the title of ‘Retirement’. He had also made it clear to us that were were to locate in the South and not the North as we had assumed.

So we started to consider opportunities to serve as Ministers of the Gospel somewhere south. Our preference was somewhere urban and with a challenge. That search has been fruitful and we have been called to serve as joint-vicars to the parish of St Matthew’s in Dunedin city. We have never lived here as a couple although this is where Barbara grew up.

The local diocesan news link for this is:

So I am looking forward to my 3rd church as Pastor and our first as Co-vicars.

We are praying for you in your search for a new pastor. We would value your prayers for us as we re-establish in New Zealand and particularly in buying our own home.

With warm affection,

Francis and Barbara Noordanus.