English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Hybrid Services for Holy Week and Easter

All services during Holy Week and Easter will be Hybrid Services — you can attend online on Zoom, or come to our church building.

Zoom: The newsletter will provide you with the relevant link for each of these services beforehand.

Church: The service for Palm Sunday (28th of March), the start of Holy Week, will be a regular Sunday hybrid service, the registration form for it is on the Palm Sunday event page on the website. Please register there if you wish to attend the physical service.

For the Easter services there is one special registration form below for all of the following services. Information on each service can be found by clicking on the link for the service.

  • Maundy Thursday — 1st April, event link
  • Good Friday — 2nd April, event link
  • Easter Eve — 3rd April, event link
  • Easter Sunday — 4th April, event link

With this one registration form you can register yourself (and up to five others) for one or more services. That is, the registration form will have more than one date — and you can select one, or all, of the dates.

As always it is essential to register for a service in our church building!

The evening services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve will all start at 7 PM (19:00) and will last about an hour so everyone can be home before 9 PM (21:00) in case there is still a curfew. Services on Sunday morning start at 10.30 AM (10:30) as usual.

Registration for Easter Services at Trinity Church

Please note:

  • Please only submit ONE registration form below — unlike the regular hybrid services you can register for multiple services.
  • This is registration only for persons who will physically attending services at the Trinity Church Eindhoven building as per COVID-19 requirements.
  • You may register for multiple services — one service, or all services. Please tick the checkbox(es) of the services you will be attending.
  • It will assumed that the total number of persons attending will be the same for each service you have indicated. If there is any variation on that please indicate in the ‘Any additional notes or requirements’ field.
Please indicate each service you (and your group) will be attending. This can be one, or more (up to all), services.
Person(s): 1
Please indicate the total number of all persons, including yourself, who will be attending the service(s). As the number of persons is increased entry fields for the additional person(s) will appear.