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A Message to Parents of Children and Youth

Trinity Church has always devoted much time and energy to teaching, forming, and discipling of children and youth. Now suddenly the arrangements and rhythms we apply to that cannot operate. What do conscientious Christians do as parents during a health emergency?

Let’s consider this a bit. Our regular children’s and youth ministries happen in cooperation between parents and the wider church community. They are an overlap between the domestic church of parents and children and the wider congregation or local church. What the Covid-19 regulations have done is place all the work back with the parents and into the home situation. Something similar has happened with schooling but there is full support to keep the children connected and purposeful for 5 days per week on-line. Sports clubs and other activities have just closed their doors and wait for it to pass.

I want to encourage parents to consider the opportunities that all this change brings to you as pastors, evangelists, teachers and prophets in your own home. Yes, you did read that right. You are pastors, evangelists, teachers and prophets in your own home. As an ordained minister I get to be and do that within the congregation but you have those roles in the home just as you are primary caregivers and life coaches.

The time frames and rhythms are now all disturbed. The children know that things have to be different and are in adjustment mode. This could be the perfect time to deepen your life as domestic church. It would be a lost opportunity to think it’s all going to happen via ZOOM on Sunday morning. Circumstances call for more and opportunity is knocking.

Here are a few tips and an article to read more.

Consider these basics:

  1. Eat together. Sharing food is a fellowship action not just nutrition. Sit as a gathered family.
  2. Offer a prayer before eating. Acknowledge God’s goodness and grace before your children.
  3. At least once a week have a little domestic worship moment.
    1. Pray into circumstances and for others.
    2. Note and celebrate answered pray from previous times.
    3. Read a Bible passage.
    4. Talk about the Bible passage; interactively or through parental comments.
    5. Sing a simple song to send your family’s worship soaring. Perhaps using YouTube in support or get that guitar going.
  4. Beyond this bring God into daily conversation as part of your awareness and functioning reality.
  5. Let it be known that you as a family seek God’s Kingdom goodness and care about God’s values.

Just one article to consider here

Reading this blog you may have thought, “Check, We have that covered.” That’s fantastic. Something you might consider is sharing what has worked for you or opening a family session to other families as a sample of how it flows for you.

On the other hand you may be wondering “How do you do that?”
Either way I would welcome hearing from you. Drop me, Francis, a line
Covid-19 may turn out to be a window of opportunity and a time of growth yet!