English-speaking church in Eindhoven

New Initiative for Cell Groups

During the recent council away day we made the following resolution:

As council we want to orientate Trinity Church to being intentional in service and mission by training, equipping, discipling and empowering as many as possible.

In order to do this council recognizes the importance of everyone in Trinity Church being in a cell group if possible.. Cell groups provide the first level of pastoral care for us all as we pray, open the Bible together, share our lives with each other and develop some level of Christian accountability to each other. Leaders are those who facilitate this in each cell group. We need enough cell groups to incorporate newcomers and existing Trinity Church members. For this cell groups need to have well trained leaders and assistant leaders ready to step up to be leaders when a group multiplies. Council therefore sees the training of cell group leadership as a first priority.

So we are planning to hold a training for cell group leaders and their (future or possible) assistant leaders approximately every three months. We ask every cell that has more than 5 members or more than 3 couples to send at least two people (the leader and their assistant leader – not from one couple) to each of these trainings. Smaller cells will send at least their leader but can send their assistant leader as well. Members of the church who are not yet in cell groups but would be open to becoming involved in establishing a new cell would also be invited. We hope this training will encourage, equip and empower the cell groups to grow and multiply, incorporating the many new people who would like to be part of cell groups. The first of these trainings could be on Thursday 19 September (or Thursday 10 October).