English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Council Away Day Statement

On Saturday 22 June our Church Council spent a day together to consider matters greater than monthly management and grow as an oversight team.

In preparation for this day two focus points were nominated in advance.  The first was about getting familiar with the structure of the Diocese in Europe as it touches Council.  The second item was addressing a question provided by Pastor Francis: This was set out as:

Does Trinity Church seek to exist primarily to meet the needs and wants of the members
Does Trinity Church exist for people and purposes above and beyond its membership?

Amplified versions of this question might be: 

  • Are we all about our own flourishing or is there something in our vision and mission worth ‘dying’ for?
  • Are we a club for those who we associate with; or are we also orientated to those beyond ‘us’?

This question was given quality time and an answer was arrived at. I would like to report that here:

We were aware of our limitations in doing mission or wider outreach together and at the same time aware that so many people serve generously in organised ways and simply out of love for their brothers and sisters.  Yet as a church we are often largely caught up in our own high maintenance.

Francis described how Trinity Church typically operates on an attractional basis.  This is where options are provided, and the willing buy-in as they are able. 

A great deal can be achieved this way but it’s no way to grow a sound church or engage a purpose greater than ourselves for the glory of God.  This may be seen in the diverse and individualised ways cell groups have developed, and not developed.   

After much input and consideration consensus formed around upgrading the intentionality of what we do for the purpose of serving others and serving God beyond ourselves.  The following statement sets this out:

As council we want to orientate Trinity Church to being intentional in service and mission by training, equipping, discipling and empowering as many as possible. 

As in Acts 2:42 we want to be DEVOTED to ‘the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers’ and realise our service and mission is not just for us but through us.

The simple plan was sketched to begin an on-going program of regular training events to up-skill church members for service.  Prime attention is going to be given to leading and developing cell groups.  This represents the Church Council recognising the value of cell groups in our church life and mission.

In addition to cell group training, other skills and theory will be offered probably on a regular monthly or bi-monthly evening.  Further topics in mind include:  incorporation; evangelism; listening well; being constructive on Sundays; making the most of ‘Coffee Time’; how do we worship?   This will all start in October this year.