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Dinner for a Purpose

On June 8th TYDE, the 14-18 year old youth group, put on a dinner with a difference. All were seated to begin the event at four tables. We started with a quiz and a couple of videos about world poverty. During the videos the meals were served and then the fun really began.

One table, labelled Germany, was set by well dressed waitresses who laid out plates, cutlery, wine glasses and elaborately folded, decorative napkins. They were then served massive amounts of beautifully laid out food, chilli, beans, rice, salads with sparkling water and several juices.

The next table was set with the usual Trinity plates and cutlery and served with a very adequate meal. Their table was labelled Argentina. They immediately started to share out their food at their table and began their meal.

Meanwhile the next table, labelled Pakistan, was set with some disposable plates and cutlery and served a basic salad, chilli, beans and rice – not quite enough for everyone there. However even that allocation didn’t last long as the final table, labelled Yemen, was served rice and beans with a few disposable plates, spoons and forks, and some water with paper cups. Pakistan, though willing to share some of their food had their salad stolen right away! But not long after both Pakistan and Yemen decided to investigate further and Germany was happy to share of their bounty.

All were well fed in the end and hopefully the food distribution caused the participants to think about what happens in the real world. Dessert items were then auctioned off and shared to some extent between tables. The next activity focussed on an all age appreciation of the causes and results of poverty and the final activity was an adult discussion around a thought provoking video.

The €10 tickets, the dessert auction and donations raised a total of €595 for the Mission to Seafarers (a Trinity supported mission that focusses on helping those who work in one of the worlds most dangerous jobs, for low wages which are sent back to their home countries to keep their families out of poverty)

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