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The Last Supper – TCE Style!

Written by Trinity Church member – Julia Budde

Passover meal tables ready for the guests

As a Christian believer, a curious person and a lover of food I sought out my first Jewish Passover Seder right here at TCE. During Holy Week we were presented with the opportunity to (figuratively) journey to the cross in preparation for Christ’s glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. For those who were in attendance at the all-church event on the evening of Maundy Thursday, an experiential connection was had through the recreation of what Jesus’s last supper must have been like. As young and old gathered we became as Biblical historians, diving into the faith practices and culture in which Jesus was raised and in which he would have worshipped.

The traditional Jewish table elements

We were treated to a beautiful setting of traditional Jewish table elements, each having a special meaning and purpose in this most traditional of meals. Jesus’s last supper would have included all of the rich symbolism in what unfolds as, not merely a sharing of food, but a retelling of the Hebrew exodus out of Egypt. Invoking all of the senses, we smelled and tasted the foods, talked, saw with fresh eyes, heard stories, followed directions and shared touch in the form of reclining and hand washing. The practice of a Passover Seder serves to keep an ancient oral history alive and is appropriate for worshippers, learners and eaters of all ages.

This participant was impressed not only by the seamless inclusion of youngsters, but also by their attention and enthusiasm. In the midst of our grab-a-quick-bite world it was remarkable to partake in such a deliberately paced and meaningful experience, with a multi-generational connection to top it off. In presiding over the festivities, Pastor Francis stated, “This is a family meal.” It was a truly special family meal at that. In exercising the imagination just a bit, it was indeed a chance to take a brief walk in the footprints of Jesus.

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