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Holiday Bible Club 2019

This year, Holiday Bible club will be held from 12th – 16th August, 2019. Get the dates in your diaries! Plan your summer ahead and be part of this amazing, fun week.

This year is a “Global Games” sports theme and is based on significant events from the life of Jesus found in Mark’s Gospel. It features the calling of the disciples, the parable of the sower, two miracles and the transfiguration which can be used as a way in to focus on the story of salvation. Children will discover and begin to experience what it is like to be a member of the team that has Jesus as the leader.

This club is not only a blessing for the children, but for the adult workers as well. If you want to volunteer to help out in the Holiday Bible Club, there are many possible areas of service: as a small group leader, as part of the worship team, sound desk, beamer, kitchen, in making crafts, or wherever necessary please talk to Pamela & Andrew Armstrong or Manju Jacob.

Our teenagers also support us in most of the areas mentioned above as well as organising games and putting on a daily drama! There will be a fun pizza and games evening for the teenagers after week is over! Talk with your teenagers and get them excited!

The Club is mainly for the 4-11 age range , but we also have a small group for the 2-4s! They also get to be part of the wider group in small ways through the stories, crafts, games and music. A parent must accompany the child for this age group.

The cost of the club is only € 15 if you register and pay online before Friday 5th July. It is also possible to pay at the door, but this will cost € 20 for the week, or € 5 per day.

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