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Shoebox KidZchurch Event 2018

Last month KidZchurch held a Light Evening with the theme: You should be a light for other people. Live so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.

This month we want to make it practical, by taking part in the Shoe Box event 2018. We want to ask parents of crèche- and KidZchurch-children to make this a fun family-event.

What is it about?

The shoebox event (Actie4Kids) has started again! Together we want to make at least 45,000 children happy with a beautifully decorated shoebox full of school supplies, personal health products and toys, including a cuddly toy.

This year the shoeboxes will go to Zambia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesbos. A lot of children in these areas have a hard time. After more than 20 years the shoeboxes (of Actie4Kids) are still needed. Even now 1 in 2 children worldwide live in poverty. Our slogan is “For you, from me”. You can share your toys and pocket money with a child that probably never had a present in their life. Many times we hear that children can go to school again because of the notebooks and pens in the shoeboxes. A filled shoebox is a great gift through which we can teach children how to wash their hands and brush their teeth. There is more good news to share: we will give them the good news of the gospel, by giving them a small book with Bible stories. In a time where so many children are afraid of the future, they need this! The shoebox event (Actie4Kids) is organised in the Netherlands and Belgium by ‘GAiN”, Global Aid Network (in English). For more information about Actie4Kids you can visit their website, www.actie4kids.org, or look at a slideshow on YouTube about the Shoebox event.

As a regular visitor of Trinity Church, what can you do?

  1. Bring an empty shoebox (regular size, no boots!) to church this Sunday. Children who don’t have one at home can take it home to fill it.
  2. If you have spare wrapping paper, please bring it to church. KidZchurch can use it to decorate the shoeboxes with.
  3. On Sunday 18 November we will collect the filled shoeboxes. The handling fee per shoebox is € 5,-
  4. If you want to fill a box, please ask the KidZchurch team or Manju (Stepping Stones) for the details, or visit the Actie4Kids website. Bring the decorated box to church on Sunday 18 November!