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LifeStream 2018 – a Trinity Youth Testimony

One of the very best parts of the Summer camp at LifeStream is the youth programme: ‘Something Else’ (don’t tell the adults!).

One of our youth was there and had this to share about what happened for her:

“I used to be pretty sure about God, but now I feel 99.999% sure” (after seeing Sophie healed by God’s power in prayer at Something Else)

“Something Else is like a second home, you know at school you’ll be laughed at for saying some things and being open about everything in your life, but here I know it’s fine.”

She also shared she joined in a prophetic art session, and the person she made her art piece for gave testimony that the content and messages were very relevant to her life.

Hopefully there will be many of her Trinity friends there to share such testimonies next year. The dates for Something Else at LifeStream 2019 WE CHOOSE JOY will be Tuesday 23rd to Sunday 28th July 2019. Mark these in your agenda now!