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Keeping the Trinity Website Secure

One of the challenges for anyone looking after a website is simply keeping it running. A difficult enough task, without having the extra challenge of needing to be constantly vigilant, protecting it from all those determined to break in, and steal or destroy all your effort.

…where thieves break in and steal.

Matthew 6:19

It seems that some things never change — only the way of doing them. Guard dogs have been used through the ages to protect property and persons. We have put a virtual ‘guard dog’ to the task of helping to protect the Trinity website — WP Cerber. WP Cerber is a WordPress plugin which is available as a free version on the WordPress plugin website, or as a Pro version with many more features. Patrick found the plugin after looking at a number of security plugins for WordPress — and uninstalling all of them. On looking at WP Cerber he saw that it had consistently high reviews on the WordPress plugin site and, just as importantly, the developer was very proactive with support.

We have relied on WP Cerber to protect the new website since its going live, and it has lived up to the task. The developer also offers support for non-profit organisations, and they were happy to provide a Pro version to protect the website for which we are grateful. As we have already been using WP Cerber for some time and have been impressed with it we are happy to recommend it.