English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Trinity Fun Run & Picnic

Last Saturday, 23rd June, was the Trinity Fun Run Picnic event.

A few families and church members got together by the lake a short distance from Trinity Church Eindhoven. The plan was to gather at 3pm, run together and afterwards have a BBQ picnic fiesta. But you know what they say, sometimes things don’t go as planned. After the run, we ran (pun intended) into a bit of trouble when a man approached us and told us that we were not allowed to do an open fire grill within the vicinity. Note to all for future reference.

Anyways, there we were. We had all four grills ready to go and plenty of meat to grill. Fortunately, we managed to negotiate a timeframe of 30 minutes to grill and promised to put out the fire afterwards. So within the next 30 minutes, the grill masters tried their best to grill as much meat as they could. Looking back, that slight hiccup made for an amusing and unforgettable event. At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed a good summer evening breeze sharing meal and fellowship while the children had fun paddling in the shallow lake.

Special thanks to Manju for organising the event.

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