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Church Lenten Prayer

As we embark on the season of Lent, extending until the celebration of Easter on March 31st, we are called to engage in prayer, fasting, and self-denial. These three disciplines, as elucidated by our Lord Jesus in his sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6), are central to our spiritual growth and relationship with God. While these practices are not confined to this season alone, we aim to intensify our focus on them during this period to deepen our spiritual journey.

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Prayer, in particular, is emphasized as the cornerstone of Christian life—a vital element without which one cannot truly embody the faith. Yet, often, its significance is overlooked due to a lack of firsthand experience of its transformative power. Therefore, it is imperative that we not only pray individually but also unite in corporate prayer, mirroring the communal prayers of the early church.

Here at Trinity Church Eindhoven, we gather as a community every Wednesday for prayer, recognising the strength found in collective supplication. Throughout the Lenten season, we extend this practice online, every day except Wednesdays and Sundays, convening at 21:00 to intercede for ourselves and others — see here for details. Additionally, on Wednesdays (during Lent but not during Holy Week) we will assemble in person at the church at 20:00 for communal prayer — see here for details.

I warmly encourage you to participate in these prayer gatherings. Through our community prayer, I am confident that our church will experience profound blessings. May this Lent be a time of purposeful reflection and spiritual renewal for us all.

God bless!