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Watch and Pray

Daily Prayer During Lent

Watch and Pray

Lent is a season for prayer, penitence, fasting and also charity as we wait upon our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter.

This year we encourage each of you to deepen your prayer life especially during Lent. Hence we have organised a shared daily prayer calendar during Lent. It will be:

  • An online daily prayer (each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) meeting via Zoom (this event).
  • A prayer meeting each Wednesday at Trinity Church.

Information on the Zoom meeting will be sent out in the regular Trinity Newsletter or individuals may contact Bala or Helen for it.

Participants unable to join the group online prayer sessions can still follow the program individually, or in small groups, by downloading the daily reflection material below (click the theme for the day).

Daily Lent Meditation and Prayer Themes — Lent 2024

Monday4-Mar-24Faith and Trust
Tuesday5-Mar-24Justice and Righteousness
Wednesday6-Mar-24Communal Prayer at Trinity Church
Thursday7-Mar-24Community and Fellowship
Friday8-Mar-24Grace and Forgiveness
Saturday9-Mar-24Compassion and Marginalised
Monday11-March-24Renewal of Faith
Tuesday12-March-24Detachment From Worldly Desires
Wednesday13-March-24Communal Prayer at Trinity Church
Thursday14-March-24Integrity and Honesty
Friday15-March-24Redemption and Suffering
Saturday16-March-24Rest and Reflection
Monday18-March-24Patience and Perseverance
Tuesday19-March-24Trust in God’s Providence
Wednesday20-March-24Communal Prayer at Trinity Church
Thursday21-March-24Gratitude for Blessings
Friday22-March-24Seeking God’s Guidance
Saturday23-March-24Renewal and Commitment

To view the previous weeks’ prayer themes please visit this page.