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A woman of great faith!

In Mathew 15: 21-28, Mathew records the inspiring story of a woman whose faith transcended boundaries and obstacles, earning her the title of a “woman of great faith.” It’s intriguing to note that Jesus had previously labeled Peter as a person of “little faith,” yet this woman received the highest praise for her unwavering belief. What set her faith apart? What made her a recipient of such an esteemed accolade?

The answer lies in her unshakable certainty that Jesus alone held the solution to her most pressing issue: the healing of her daughter. She recognized that there was no other source of assistance. This woman’s faith was rooted in her firm conviction that only through Jesus could her daughter find healing.

But her journey to that moment of recognition was not without its trials. In fact, her faith faced a series of obstacles that she confronted with unwavering determination. Initially, Jesus seemed reluctant to grant her request, a hurdle that demanded her emotional resilience. Moreover, cultural differences, behavioral challenges, logical concerns, and even spiritual uncertainties all stood in her path. Yet, her faith stood firm against each of these adversities.

It is through this woman’s steadfast faith in the face of these trials that she not only secured her daughter’s healing but also earned the commendation of Jesus as a woman of great faith. Her story is a testament to the endurance James talks about in his letter, James 1:3-4: “The testing of your faith produces endurance, and let endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing.” The many obstacles that we face in life are given to test the faith that we have in Jesus. Keep believing as this not only brings victory but also makes us mature in our faith. I pray your faith may grow big and become great. God bless!