English-speaking church in Eindhoven


The Day of Pentecost marked a turning point in the early Christian church. When a king returns from the battle victoriously, he gives generous gifts to his subordinates. So, Jesus, the only true King, who came out victoriously from the dead, gives us the Holy Spirit, his generous gift. John the Baptist said that the one who comes after him would baptise with the Holy Spirit. Jesus too taught his disciples about the Spirit and promised them that his going away would bring the Holy Spirit to them. As he promised, the disciples experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on them on the day of Pentecost. This is a generous gift of God to his people. The Holy Spirit is available to all who believe in Jesus. Pentecost in Greek means fiftieth. It refers to a Jewish festival celebrated on the fiftieth day after Passover.

The Holy Spirit, as we call him in the Nicene Creed is the Lord, the Giver of Life, who gives life. This is reflected in the lives of the disciples. The disciples who have locked themselves in fear of authorities are now charged up. They were renewed with great spirit and could boldly stand up before the thousands. Also, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who leads his people into Truth. According to some scholars, the day of Pentecost was kept as a festival for many things and one of them is to commemorate the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai through Moses. There the law was written in stone but now the Holy Spirit would write the law of the Lord in our hearts and lead us into truth. Further, the Holy Spirit is the Lord of the Community. The different languages that emerged out of the Tower of Babel divided the people on earth. But, on Pentecost day, the same different languages were used to bring people together. The Holy Spirit helps us to unite and build his community of people. I earnestly pray we may experience the work of the Holy Spirit in us! God bless!