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Jesus alone satisfies us!

Jesus had a conversation with a woman at the well. It was a private conversation but it was made public by John in his chapter 4 for our benefit. What is the focus of this meeting? What does John want us to know from this conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman? Is it to show Jesus had no problem with Samaritans? As we know, Jews and Samaritans do not go together though they both worship the same God. Samaritans are a mixed race and Jews do not make any contact with them. But, Jesus initiated a dialogue with a Samaritan and the discussion was long. Jesus has said that ‘… anyone who comes to me, I will never drive away’ John 6.37. So, it is clear that Jesus rejects none and this passage is a witness to that.

What is the focus then? Is it to show that Jesus condemns no one? Jesus knew well before the conversation started that the woman had had five husbands. It appears that the woman tried many options yet was still unsatisfied. The one with whom she was living now was not her husband. A woman who had tried and became tired. Not interested in digging in her past, Jesus presented himself as the right solution to her life. John’s intention is not to show Jesus is non-racial or non-judgmental but to reveal to us that Jesus alone can satisfy our hunger and thirst. I pray that we may know Jesus more and more and that we are drawing closer to him. God bless you all!