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Do your work today!

Is it possible not to worry? Everyone has worries. People worry most about money and the future, job security, relationships, and health. Millions of people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety counselling centres are open everywhere, yet the number of people who suffer from anxiety grows year by year. According to an internet report 3.1 percent of the US population is affected by Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Is Jesus simply saying not to worry? No, he gives reasons why we do not need to worry. Read Mathew 6:25-34. He says we are created by God and our life is more precious than what we eat and drink and our body is more important than what we wear. In other words, Jesus reiterates that the one who created your body and the one who gave you life will certainly provide you what you need. After explaining this, Jesus gives two practical solutions, and both are necessary. One is ‘first seek his kingdom and his righteousness’ and the other is ‘do not worry about tomorrow, … Today’s trouble is enough for today.’

In my school days our teachers’ daily advice was this: ‘do your homework every day.’ Most of us did not follow this advice. We need to remember that every day is wonderfully different than the rest. Jesus says whatever is given to you today, the trouble of the day, is meant for today. Target it and do it. Tomorrow brings its own worries. Keeping Jesus (his kingdom) in focus, do your work today and you will be relieved from the worries of the world. God bless!