English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Seder Meal Thursday 9 April 2020 – Online!

This special meal commemorates the Last Supper in the form of a Jewish Passover Seder meal. This is a full meal of lamb, vegetables and sweets.
This is a special opportunity for you (and all the family) to experience the original ‘communion’ service. Discover what Jesus command to ‘Do this to remember me’ encompasses in a deeper way.
The Seder Meal Haggadah (Liturgy booklet) is available here and a picture of the Seder plate for family members to colour is available here. The Seder plate is described on the first page of the Haggadah. A zoom link will be provided during the week.

Seder Meal Preparations (read well beforehand)

To be bought/prepared

  • A seder plate if desired (print out template and colour in and then arrange on plate with symbols as described)
  • Two white candles (and stands) with matches for lighting
  • Wine glasses for each family member
  • Wine and/or red grape juice
  • A bowl of water to wash hands, with a small jug to pour the water over the hands and towel to dry hands
  • Fresh parsley – a sprig for each participant
  • A dessert bowl of water with a heaped teaspoon of salt dissolved in it
  • Horseradish (mierikswortel) – A couple of tablespoons on a saucer
  • 3 circles or squares of flat bread (wrap) or Matzoh crackers
  • A napkin to wrap the bread in and a spare napkin for wrapping a part piece in later
  • Haroseth (recipe given) = Apple, nuts, +
  • Lamb and vegetables for the meal (lamb patties available at Jumbo, lamb roasts or cutlets available at Izmir – opposite Lidl Franz Leharplein, …),
  • Fruit (or chocolates) for dessert

– Print out enough copies of the Booklet so that everyone can see one (or ensure it is downloaded on enough devices that won’t be used for the Zoom meeting)
– Set table beautifully with a spare seat at one end for a device that can be propped up to receive the Zoom meeting on
– Prepare a dinner that can be ready or kept warm until about 7pm. This dinner should include lamb as the meat.

Recipe for Haroseth
Charoset ( Haroset) is symbolic of bricks and mortar used by the Jews while slaves in Egypt.
Two spoon- sized portions per person are needed for the Passover , but more is welcome as this is a delicious side dish for your lamb dinner.
There are countless recipes, depending on which part of the world it is made.
The basic ingredients are :

  • Tart Apple
  • Crushed walnuts
  • Wine / grape juice

Grate the large apple ( gala is good )
Crush nuts ( kids will enjoy hammering them in a bag )
Mix together with a small amount of the wine or grape juice you will be using during the Passover .
Dried fruits, different nuts, are all optional.
(Google Charoset for other versions.)
The charoset can be made the day before and kept covered in the refrigerator.