English-speaking church in Eindhoven

An update from the Church Council

This blog comes to advise that the Church Council is considering the purchase of a building. This was decided upon last Sunday [25 August] when the following motion was passed in relation to the church building on the Fredrik Hendrikplein in Eindhoven.

That concerning the church venue on Fredrik Hendrikplein we as Council resolve to:
a) Pursue all related issues with intent to purchase, unless a point is reached that this is deemed not possible (as in a ‘gated process’)
b) Communicate to the vendors* our interest in purchasing the building
c) Form a task group as a sub-committee of Council to investigate, report and facilitate purchase

*Vendors = sellers

This has come about after a number of developments which I can point to here:

  1. Over a number of recent Annual General Meetings the incoming Church Council has been asked to consider the purchase of a building and form a policy.
  2. Consequently a financial task group within Council considered the church’s financial means and concluded on a maximum purchase price which the church could consider as viable. This was reported to the last AGM in April.
  3. Around this time it became known that the church building on the Fredrik Hendrikplein was again for sale. This is the same building that was considered briefly in 2006 and again in 2013. This development was brought to the Church Council by Lynn Sadok in April after the AGM.
  4. In May the Church Wardens and Pastors visited and toured the church building.
  5. The whole of Council – except for Lynn Sadok and Latha Pappachan – visited and toured the building on 16 August. This was prefaced and concluded with the Council praying outside on the street corner.
  6. Council was convened to consider a way forward. This was an irregular meeting held during coffee-time because the next Council meeting is delayed to late September and there is some urgency generated by the church building having a change of designation application running which would change its availability. A process for consideration with a view to buy as described in the motion above was adopted.
  7. Since Sunday the building owners have been advised that Trinity Church is interested in the building and a task group of Council members and others is being convened to consider the many issues involved.

This summary tells the story to 28 August.
More information will follow as it comes to hand and the Wardens will speak to this on Sundays when warranted.

Please pray with the Church Council in this matter. Many things could prevent Trinity Church moving up to own its own building but with God it can happen.

Picture of the church building’s exterior taken in 2013

Live Google Maps view – the church is currently called “Iglesia de Dios Ministerial de Jesucristo Internacional”