English-speaking church in Eindhoven

Trinity’s Easter Dinner

Last Saturday, Trinity Church hosted an Easter dinner to give opportunity to members to bring their guests from different faiths for an opportunity to share meals, faith and fellowship.

As church pews were pushed to the side, the area was transformed into a sit down dining style where guests could comfortably enjoy their dinner and conversation.

The evening began with a short sharing by Pastor Francis. He described how Jesus’ resurrection broke the ‘box’ we live in and connected with the sense of eternity we all have, which has implications for how we live now.

At the same time, the kids in creche were entertained by Julia with a short ‘magic’ trick to explain the meaning of Easter and how Christ washed away our sin.

Soon after, the feast began and it was a wonderful eclectic of eastern and western cuisines prepared and brought by church members and guests.

A big thanks to the organising committee for successfully bringing the church together to host the event. How wonderful it was to share meals, faith and fellowship and just dwell in the house of the Lord. All glory to God, Amen!

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