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A true story of two women’s struggle under the Pakistani blasphemy laws

Gill – our friend – in Sri-Lanka awaiting UNHCR resettlement has written a book. It’s a non-fiction account of two Christian women accused of blasphemy against Islam in Pakistan, where the punishment is death. Gill himself is a human rights defense lawyer and part of the reason for his exile from his home country is his defense of these two women, for which he received death threats. One of the women is Asia Bibi, who recently received worldwide attention when the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted her due to a lack of evidence. The other woman is Martha Bibi, a mother of six children, who spent time in custody before escaping from Pakistan. During their incarceration, two of their advocates (a Governor and a Federal Minister) were assassinated.

The dedication reads: “This book is dedicated to Trinity Church Eindhoven in the Netherlands for their kindness, mercy and generous support ensuring my family’s survival. Their help also enabled the writing of this book while we were in exile in Sri Lanka. They will always be remembered.”

Gill is happy for the PDF of his book to be made available to church members and it can be downloaded here: A TALE OF TWO WOMEN.