English-speaking church in Eindhoven

2019 Annual General Meeting

Important Information

Trinity Church has developed a two-step AGM.  This is an attempt to allow time for information sharing and deal with necessary business within sustainable time frames.

Here is what you need to know about this:

Meeting A follows the service on Sunday 31 March.  (Yes, the day clocks are turned back)  The focus is considering reports from Chaplain, Wardens, Treasurer, Council, Missions Committee and matters arising from previous AGM.  The meeting will be limited to one hour – while the children are in the sports-hall.  Our shared lunch will follow the meeting.

Time is precious so we try to be efficient.
The reports have been posted online allowing a week for consideration. The link follows in the Newsletter notice.
If you have questions you would like to raise considering a report please email those to Pastor Francis as Chair of the meeting.
If you have an agenda item to submit for consideration please send that to the Chair – Pastor Francis.

Meeting B follows morning service and precedes coffee on Sunday 7 April dealing with the official work of electing office holders and council members.

Details of events here